(a)    It shall be the responsibility of the Governing Council or the Executive Committee to endeavor to achieve the objects of CEG   and to discharge all its functions. The Executive Committee shall exercise all administrative, financial and academic authority in this behalf including powers to create posts of all description and make appointments thereon in accordance with the Regulations made by the Governing Council.

(b)    The Governing Council shall have the powers and responsibilities in respect of the following:

(i) To frame regulations with the prior written approval of the  Government;

(ii)                                     To frame policies for the CEG  ;

(iii)                                   To frame by-laws for the conduct of activities of the CEG  ;

(iv)                                   To sanction the budget of the CEG  .

(c)     Subject to the approval of the Governing Council, the Executive Committee shall have under its control the management of all the affairs and funds of the CEG   as follows;.

(i)           The Executive Committee or its nominee shall have the power to enter into contracts, agreements and arrangement with other public or private organizations or individuals for furtherance of its objectives.

(ii)     The Executive Committee shall have powers for securing and accepting or providing endowments, grants-in-aid, donations, or gifts to or from the CEG   on mutually agreed terms and conditions provided that conditions of such grant-in-aid, donations, gifts shall not be inconsistent or in conflict with the objective of the CEG   or with the provisions of these Rules.

(iii)      The Executive Committee shall have the power to take over and acquire by purchase, gifts or otherwise from the Government and other public bodies from private individuals, movable and immovable properties or other funds together with any attendant obligations and engagements not inconsistent with the objectives of the CEG   and the provisions of the  Rules.

(iv)     The Executive Committee shall have powers to undertake or give contract for construction of the building required for use of the CEG   and to acquire stores and services required for the discharge of the functions of the CEG.

(v)                      Subject to the provisions of Act and Rule 30 the Executive Committee shall have the power to sell or lease any movable or immovable property of the CEG  .

(vi)      Provided however, that no assets of the CEG   created out of the Government Grants shall without the prior written approval of the Government be disposed of, encumbered or utilized for purpose other than those for which the grant was sanctioned.

(vii)  The Executive Committee may delegate, to the CCEO, State Co-ordinator, or any its member and/or to a committee/group or any other officer of the CEG   such administrative, financial and academic powers and impose such duties as it deems proper and also prescribe limitations within which the powers and duties are to be exercised or discharged.

(d)   The Governing Council and Executive Committee shall have powers to establish and spell out the members of Standing/Adhoc Committees or Task Force/Group et-cetera for various areas tasks of the State e-Governance Plan and decide in regard to their membership, powers and functions.

(e)   The Governing Council and Executive Committee may by Resolution, appoint Advisory Board or other Special Committees for such purpose and with such powers as the Executive Committee may think fit and the Executive Committee may also dissolve any of such Committees and Advisory Bodies, set up by it.