POWERS AND FUNCTIONS .....................


(i)      To undertake support and review all activities that may be necessary for the implementation of e-Governance and in particular for the achievement of the objectives of National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) and State e-Governance Plan (SeGP) and Information Technology and e-Governance Road Map of Uttar Pradesh and to give overall policy guidance and direction for efficient functioning of the CeG.

(ii)     To create duly empowered administrative mechanisms, through such participation, as may de deemed necessary of various departments of the Government and autonomous agencies of the Government and Central Government to undertake SeGP (State e-Governance Plan).

(iii)    To secure active involvement, participation and association of the Government, Central Government and Semi-Government Departments and Agencies, Authorities, Autonomous Bodies, Corporations and Boards for NeGP and SeGP.

(iv)    To collect mutually agreeable and acceptable service charge from the associated department for the services rendered by the CeG  to the concerned associated department.

(v)     To bring about effective Simple, Methodical, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent system of information dissemination and other citizen interface services and to provide door-step service concept and reasonable comfort facilities to the citizen.

(vi)    To organize wide publicity through all media, conferences, symposia, workshops et-ceteraetera on related matters;

(vii)   To create academic, technical, administrative, managerial and other posts in the CeG  and to make payment for the same in accordance with rules and regulations made by the CeG.

(viii)  To make, add, amend, vary or rescind from time to time, the rules and regulation of the CeG  with the prior written approval of the Government and/or any directive from Central Government.

(ix)    To accept or to provide any grant of money, loan securities or property of any kind and to undertake and accept the management of any endowment trust, fund or donation not inconsistent with the objectives of the CeG.

(x)     To incur expenditures after drawing up a budget and with due regard for economy and property.

(xi)    To consider the balance sheet and audited accounts for the previous year;

(xii)   To prepare and consider the annual report prepared by the Executive Committee and accounts of CeG.

(xiii)  To purchase, hire, take on lease, exchange or otherwise acquire immovable or movable property and construct, alter and maintain any building or building as may be necessary for carrying out the objectives of the CeG.

(xiv)  To take all such action and to enter all such actions as may appear necessary or incidental for the achievement of the objectives of the CeG.

(xv)   To engage Technical Partners/Agencies/Consultants/Consortium through whatever mechanism directed by Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh e.g. short listed through Open Tender having experience to provide services, comprising e-Governance, I.T. Consulting Services, Hardware, Software and Connectivity for deployment, Commissioning, Customization and Successful Implementation of e-Governance Projects which relate to the overall I.T. and e-Governance Road Map of Uttar Pradesh;

(xvi)  To perform such other functions as are entrusted to it under these Rules.